Sharnimaine Border Collies

All colours of the rainbow!

'Sharnimaine Heaven Set Pippa'-

Bred here by us at 'Sharnimaine'.

'Pippa' is a blue tri merle and is due to have puppies to Jagger (choc) .  Colours expected blue and choc merle , tri and choc pups, 
Pippa is Allie's Daughter! Pups are due 16th Nov!

'Shamefulchoc Shiraz's Mist' ( Allie)   is back from her hard earned rest for one last litter. If your interested in a soft natured gorgeous pup, please make enquiries. If pregnant , her pups will be due around New Years, 2019

'Sharnimaine Tickled Pink'-'Kahlua'-Choc-15/3/2015

'Sharnimaine Tickled Pink' was bred here by us here! She is clear for TNS, CEA and CL by parentage!  She just had her first litter of pups- All sold!


'Sharnimaine Reach for Th Starz'- Lexie-Chocolate-23/12/12

'Sharnimaine Reach for Th Starz'-  is Matilda and Tommy's daughter, bred by us here, and she will shortly be ready for breeding. She is clear for TNS, CEA and CL, and she has a fantastic hip/elbow score of '3'.

Almost perfect! She will be having pups again next year as she is having a break!


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