My Dogs! My Dogs! Bella Rose- Jazzy's pup Orrr! Not again, how many photos do you need! 44456343 Mischa Would you get me down from here. I am afraid of heights! 44456344 Mischa Would you just hurry up and take the damn photo! 44456345 Spike Gees, I wish these little legs would do something! 44456346 Jazzy and Jessie This is so much fun!! Not!!!!!! 44456347 Butch! I see it, I want it, where is that ball! 44456348 Bundy! I'm so adorable! Don't you reckon! 44456349 Jessie I'm off to my new home! Wish me luck! 44456350 Jazzy and 2 of her babies Go on take the others too! 44456351 Bella Rose I'm so much cuter than my sisters Arn't I, and my brothers! 44456352 Spike These legs .....hey something's happening! 44456353 Jessie I'm off! Bye! See ya later! Asta La vista baby! 44456354 Tasha I'm her favourite, so there! 44456355 Mischa I reckon I could get up there with not much trouble! 44456356 Hunter I love a cuddle, don't you! 44456357 Roxy Ingenue Chicago Girl- our stunning girl! 44456358