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Reply Anne
3:12 AM on March 29, 2018 
Hi! I was wondering if you have any pups available at the moment.
With thanks,
Reply Christine
10:58 PM on March 28, 2018 
Hi, we are and active family of four with a large fenced yard looking for a border collie pup, do you have anything available?
Reply Melissa Bownes
9:55 AM on March 24, 2018 
Good Evening,

My name is Melissa and I am very excited at the prospect of finding a beautiful border collie to be part of my family. I was just wanting to get some more information on the process of buying a puppy with the biggest issue being that i live in Perth, WA and there are no breeders i can find! A lot of breeders will not transport their puppies so i was looking for information as to what options I may have (hopefully you might be able to help me - even if you don't transport either).

I am a very active person and would love nothing more than to have a best friend to accompany me everywhere.

I hope I am not asking too much - just having difficulty getting answers and trying to work out how i can go about getting a beautiful border collie pup.

Kind Regards,

Reply Alice
9:43 PM on March 22, 2018 
Hi there! I'm looking to buy a female choc border collie, however I'm going overseas in June from the 6th to the 20th and I don't want to get one beforehand only to leave it for two weeks. So I was wondering how often you have litters and how early is too early to put down deposits. Thank you!
Reply hannah hart
7:38 PM on March 13, 2018 
Hi Sharnimaine Border Collies!
I'm looking to buy a black and white border collie this year if you can pop me on a wait list?
I currently have a boy staffy at 3 years old. I'm still contemplating whether to get a girl or boy to join our little family. I had a girl collie as our family pet when I was growing up but she recently passed away.
Can you tell me a bit about the process of buying a pup through you and what your litters are this year?
I'm in Orange NSW.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Reply Chelsea
7:53 PM on March 11, 2018 
What is the deposit for puppies and the cost? Does it vary based on gender and/or coat pattern?
Reply Stephanie
6:50 AM on March 11, 2018 

My name is Stephanie, from Melbourne. I'm looking to adopt a dog/puppy. I'm looking for a blue Merle. Just wondering is Zahli still available? Or any other dogs/puppies available?

Kind regards,

Reply Anne
7:30 PM on March 3, 2018 
Hi! What beautiful dogs you have. We are a family of 4 and have had Border Collies for the last 20 years. Our boy died last year and we are devastated. He's left a huge hole in our family. We have lots of love to give and are now seeking a new furry family member. We have always had black and white but now like a tri or wheaten. Can you help us? With thanks.
Reply Jennifer Helen
3:44 AM on March 2, 2018 
I am very interested in buying a new choc tri male or Merle puppy.
I already own a gorgeous 10 mth old lilac male but he is a very anxious pup with a high drive. I am searching for a gorgeous happy pup with a more medium drive but is very socailable and happy. I have looked at your website and your pups are beautiful, maybe one of your future pups could be my new ever after baby. I live with my husband and adult children. Our pups spend a great deal of time with us as we own our own business. Happy to send through any other information needed to assure you of a wonderful home for one of your pups.
Reply Jacqui
5:18 AM on February 28, 2018 
Hi there.

Wow, you have a fantastic website!

My family and I live in Canberra and are currently looking to adopt a female border collie. We have two boys aged 10 and 12 who would love nothing more than to expend some of their energy looking after a border collie!

Please let me know if you have any litters coming up and would be interested in having a further chat.

Many thanks, Jacqui